Private vs. Public Lives

I am slowly, but surely learning that I need to keep some things private.

I wear my heart on my sleeve; I share all my accomplishments sometimes before they’re even official. I Instagram or Snapchat everything. Everything I share on my Facebook can be viewed by everyone.

My supervisor has provided references for me, in which she says that I am genuine; with me, what you see is what you get.

For so long, I was transparent. I obsess over things and people, and everyone knows. I have little to none secrets. I share personal information in class discussions.

(I’m also very guarded with who is allowed into my heart, but that’s another issue.)

When I like someone, they know. When I hate someone, they know.

So recently – like within the past few months – I’ve been trying to keep things to myself, and it’s been hard.

I’ll go out, take pictures, but not feel the need to Instagram everything.

I no longer feel the need to make everything on Facebook visible to everyone on my friends list. Sorry, but person I knew for 6 months in grade 8, you don’t need to know about my life.

Even writing this post is proving to be difficult because I want you to understand how big of a deal this is for me. I want you to be proud of me of all the personal experiences, family affairs, friendship dates, and projects I’ve been keeping to myself. But sharing all that would defeat the purpose.

I’m keeping things to myself now – not because I don’t want to share them, but because I know I need to start taking time to process things for myself before spitting them out onto social media. I need to protect my privacy. I need to remember that not everything needs to be shared with the world. And honestly, it’s not always fair to the other people in my life either. 

I love social media, and there are definitely still some personal issues I will continue to be vocal about (body positivity, bi-visibility, and my struggles with mental health), but I am realizing that my entire life does not have to be displayed online. I’m being pickier about what I want to share with the world, and even what I want to share with people outside of myself.

I still think it’s important to share and open up parts of your life to those closest to you, but take it from the mess – you can and should keep some things to yourself!


-Red Hot


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