I Like Smart Girls

I cannot tell you how many times my sex appeal has been determined

By my intelligence

Yet, once I talk,

I am ignored.


My intelligence is not yours to fetishsize.

You do not get to fuck me because you like

Smart girls.


I am not here to fulfill your fantasy of a hot school girl

On her knees

Peering up at you through

Black rim glasses; her buttons of her blouse

Popped open.


I am not your fantasy.

And you will not impress me with declarations of books

You haven’t read.


I am not your fantasy.

You do not get to touch my boobs if you cannot

Touch my brain.


I am not your fantasy.

I won’t stop talking about ideas so I can

Put on a show.


You are not aware of what you are getting into.

My soul is deeper than you could even imagine –

And you will sink before you can

Convince me to

Blow you.


My intelligence is real and with it comes


And confidence that will send you backtracking.


I am smart,

And impressive.

I am hot,

And intelligent.

But I do not dress in knee high socks and plaid mini skirts.

My white blouse is not knotted under my breasts to

Entice you.


My book will not suddenly close because you have opened your mouth.

You – a simple boy – has shown interest in the poor geeky girl –

Now attractive.


My intelligence is not a cover for

Poor self-confidence.

It is not to fill a void from years

Of being ignored.


Your appreciation is one of many,

But I am not yours to appreciate.


You are not the first to praise

Me for my intelligence as if it is

Something that ultimately belongs to



You are not the first to whistle when I mention my

Fields of study.

You are not the first to want to run your hands over my body

Like you think I run my hands over books

(Clearly, you need to try reading a book).


I will always be smart.

And you will always be another asshole

Who tried to use it to get me in




4 thoughts on “I Like Smart Girls

  1. I liked this poem. Honest and real thoughts and emotions. Smart woman can be dangerous. Never know what they want or thinking. But, a wise man know. People must talk and be friends. Good conversation is foreplay for the wise.

    Liked by 2 people

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