Merry Christmas, Messes!

I originally had a different post about Christmas.

I don’t know if I was trying too hard to be funny and relatable, or if I just didn’t want to be another millennial complaining about having to see family over the holidays, or being broke, or needing a glass of wine.

That’s not me.

The truth is, I love Christmas! It’s my third favourite day of the year – right after my birthday and Halloween of course 😉

I love the Christmas music (I’ve been slowly building my own playlist and I listen to it every chance I get). I love Christmas shopping – giving gifts to my friends and family is actually my favourite part of the holiday.

The holidays get a bad reputation. I understand it though – we all get so stressed, whether with finishing up a term at school, having to visit family you’ve avoided for a year, trying to make your money stretch a little further than it can, or just from the societal expectations that we’re supposed to be happy 100% of the time during Christmas.

It’s not realistic, and I can tell you for sure that my own seasonal depression is especially bad for the last half of November and first half of December, but there’s something about the Christmas spirit that never fails to cheer me up.

Maybe it’s the chocolate calendars that I still get at 21 to help with the countdown.

Or maybe it’s going downstairs every morning and seeing my tree lit up.

Maybe it’s trying to get my dog to sit still for 30 seconds so I can put a Santa hat on him and take a picture.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia of when I used to write Christmas plays and my siblings wanted to act them out with me (something that hasn’t happened in years).

I’m not sure what it is, but I can tell you that once we get past the stress and hustle-bustle of the Christmas season, Christmas is really quite a magical time.

Merry Christmas (and happy holidays to those who celebrate one of the other hundreds of holidays this time of year). I hope you all take a moment to breath and enjoy this festive time before we say goodbye to 2016.
-Red Hot


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